November 14, 2017


416 CHAMPION is organic.
Did you know that non-organic cotton production is responsible for 16% of the world's insecticide usage and 10% of all pesticide usage? This is why we only offer organic cotton blends that do not contain any insecticides, pesticides, or harmful chemicals.

416 CHAMPION is eco-friendly.
Approximately 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile drying and treatment. This is why we make sure that the dyeing machines used to give colour to the fabric we purchase, are efficient in terms of energy and water consumption and use low impact fiber reactive dyes. These require less rinses and less water consumption as the waste water can be recycled. They do not contain harmful chemicals, heavy metals or other known toxic substances and are thus considered eco-friendly.

416 CHAMPION is fair trade.
1 in 6 people worldwide work in the clothing industry but only 2% are paid living wages. This is why we choose to ensure that all our products are ethically made in Canada and the US where workers have safe working conditions and are paid a living wage.

Let's change the clothing industry together by making conscious purchasing decisions.

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